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MAKING life easier for parents and safer for babies

Shnuggle's vision – make life easier and safer for growing families

Award-winning innovative products designed in the UK, Shnuggle was born with the purpose of designing products that make life easier for parents and safer for babies. As parents to three children, Adam & Sinead (founders) have a fantastic team, making life easier and safer for hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide with a growing range.

They continue to be thoughtful in designing each Shnuggle product, listening to parents at every stage.


The multi-award winning Shnuggle Baby Bath is designed to make bath time less stressful for parents and fun for baby. It is suitable from new-born, the clever bum bump "new-born support" helps support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bath time for babies (and parents) up to 12+ months.


The Shnuggle Toddler Bath is the perfect follow-on bath for when baby outgrows their baby bathtub.  Extending the fun of bath time and offering your toddler the space and confidence to be more confident in the bath.

Fits most shower trays and baths, offering plenty of room to play in their own comfy space while saving water at the same time.


The Shnuggle Bath Stand safely raises your Shnuggle Baby Bath to waist height, taking the backache out of bath time and making it easier to bath baby. Easy to assemble and featuring an easy locking folding mechanism and safety strap.


Provides much needed support and comfort to your knees and legs, so you can enjoy bath time just as much as your little one. Includes non-slip base, handle to easily hang or store and is 100% waterproof to keep knees dry. A great addition to the Shnuggle bath time collection and also perfect during play or changing baby on the floor.


The perfect bath time accessory for all ages.  Create happy bath times with Washy, the clever rinsing bath jug from Shnuggle. Designed with a soft rim to gently rest against the contour of baby's head, helping to direct water away from sensitive little eyes. The soft feel handle allows you to comfortably rinse baby's hair and has been designed to neatly hook onto the Shnuggle Baby and Toddler Baths for easy access and storage.


The Pebbly® bath thermometer is pre-set with the perfect baby water temperature and uses an ‘easy to read’ heart light to tell you when the temperature is just right. It uses a super accurate sensor to measure the water 5 times per second and quickly tells you what you need to know.


Baby wishes come true with the Shnuggle Wishy light-up bath toy. Perfect for little hands and curious minds.  Wishy features a soft light and texture to support newborn sensory development and with three parts to pull apart, play and connect, is the perfect bath toy to support coordination and play as baby grows.


The Shnuggle Baby Bath Brush gently massages baby’s head to brush away cradle cap, cleanse, and shampoo. Designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, the super soft feel of the brush against baby’s skin helps to calm and soothe at bath time. We have these in grey, blue and pink.


Designed to make it easier for little ones to get to those hard-to-reach places; helping them to more easily potty train, reach the sink or help out in the kitchen.  Giving them the confidence to become more independent as they grow.


The soft Shnuggle baby washcloths, also known as flannels, are made from a bamboo and cotton blend to provide extra softness against baby’s skin. The washcloths come boxed in a set of 3 and perfectly sized for baby.


The Squishy Changing Mat fits perfectly on top of your changing table or dresser or can be used on its own anywhere around the home or when travelling. Wherever you need it! 

The Squishy is made from PU foam which mimics the surrounding temperature. If the room is warm, your Squishy will be too!


The Shnuggle Wearable Baby Towel keeps you dry and your hands free to concentrate on baby, for a stress free and cosy bath time. The wearable design frees up both hands to lift baby from the bath and wrap them in the towel with ease.

The towel also includes a snug, baby hood with cute ears and is made from plush 100% bamboo and cotton blend for extra fluffiness and comfort. Keeping you dry and baby cosy.

Stack & Sail Boats

Set of 4 silicone stacking bath boat toys for lots of imaginative play at bath time from baby to toddler and beyond.

  • Encourages fine motor skill development and imaginative play
  • Comes in a pack of 4.  Each boat a different but complementary colour
  • Made from food grade silicone
  • BPA, Phthalate, PAH Free and fully tested

Ellie Bath Toy Drying Caddy

Scoop, drain, dry and store your bath toys neatly away with Ellie, the Bath Toy Drying Caddy - a clever drying and storage solution for all your little one's bath toys.

Ellie's innovative elephant design features a cute yet practical trunk handle to comfortably and easily scoop up toys after bath time and allow the water to drain away.   

Gold winner 2023 Junior Design Award in Best Innovative Product Design (Parent).  Shortlisted for 2024 Mother & Baby Award. 

Shnuggle Moonlight Night Light

Light up every step with Shnuggle Moonlight, the sleep friendly portable Night Light for babies and toddlers.

Offering the perfect glow for newborn night feeds or the bedside light as baby grows.  With dual parent and child modes, a room temperature sensing dock and unique design, Moonlight is a must have for all new parents.


The Shnuggle Air Crib gives your little one a safe, close and cozy place to sleep. Height adjustable to match your bed with breathable mesh sides and includes extra breathable mattress.

The premium Shnuggle Air Crib is made from a beautiful wooden frame to match your other bedroom furniture. It is designed to last and grow with your baby with the option to convert your crib into a stylish cot with our Cot Conversion Kit (sold separately).


The uniquely designed airflow mattress for the cot is also made from the same hypo-allergenic fiber core as the crib, offering 50%* more breathability than standard foam mattresses.


We stock the mattresses and all the bedding sets (including waterproof sheets). Our blankets are made from 100% super-soft cotton.

The Shnuggle Eco-Touch Nappy Bin

Designed to create an effortless change time with a fuss free, odour locking 'drop and go' system, so the focus never shifts from baby. The dual-seal odour airlock keeps unwanted odours trapped inside, even when the outer lid is open.  For extra peace of mind, everyday touch points have been treated with an anti-bacterial additive.

Thoughtfully eco-friendly, the Eco-Touch nappy bin is cassette free, saving on ongoing costs and plastic waste and the Better Bag bin liners are 100% biodegradable (optional).

Dreami Moses Basket and Stand

Winner of 2022 Junior Design Award and Made For Mums Award

The modern, stylish alternative to the traditional moses basket.  The Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket is 45% longer than traditional baskets.

Keep baby close day and night with its lightweight, sturdy design.  Used as a bedside crib for night time and easily moved around the home for day time naps.  No need to buy more than one bed for baby.

Dreami includes a ventilated, hypo-allergenic base, breathable liner, luxury quilted mattress and two-position curve stand for low level gentle rocking or a high-level fixed position.  

award winning products

Tried and tested by parents and recognised for our innovation and design, Shnuggle has been developed to make life easier and safer for growing families. Shnuggle now has a growing range of innovative products across Sleep, Bath & Change, with over 50 consumer, industry and business awards.

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