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FRIGG brings a combination of soothing comfort, safety, and high-class Danish design into the world – a line of beautiful dummies that promote health and wellness for little ones.

FRIGG came into the world in year 2021, but the journey towards the birth of their pacifier brand started years before that.

Their aspiration to create the best dummy possible has made us made them think outside the box to bring something new and innovative to the pacifier market. Their dream was to create a combination of soothing comfort, safety, and high-class Danish design, a pacifier that promotes health and wellness for our little ones. With FRIGG we build a natural bond with our children to make them feel safe and comforted, and to give them a feeling of motherly love

100% Made in Denmark & Free from Harmful Substances

  • They are available in latex or silicone in two sizes:

    • Size 1: Recommended for ages 0-6 months.

    • Size 2: Recommended for ages 6-18 months.

  • 100% designed in Denmark

  • 100% manufactured in Denmark

  • Each pacifier has the new click-lock™ system (patent pending)

  • Silicone teat has a new SilkySoft™ nipple

  • Silicone is medical grade

  • Latex teat is 100% natural rubber

FRIGG Product Range

Daisy & Daisy Night Dummies (glow in the dark)

The name ‘Daisy’ derives from ‘day’s eye’, referring to the wildflower’s tendency to open when the sun rises and close when it sets.


Rope & Rope Night Dummies (glow in the dark)

The rope represents the strong and continuous bond between a mother and her child.


Moon Phase & Moon Phase Night Dummies (glow in the dark)

The shifting Moon Phases are reflected on the pacifier shield, and they function as air holes to ventilate baby’s sensitive skin. They also represent strong and everlasting love. We all know the popular saying “I love you to the moon and back”.


Lucky Dummies

FRIGG Lucky is a pacifier inspired by the four-leaf clover. The shield has wavy edges that are shaped as the leaves of the four-leaf clover, and these leaves are reflected on the shield as well, functioning as airholes. In the middle you find a round center that highlights the elegance of the pacifier. Available in silicone.